April 02: Nenmara-Vallangi Vela, Palakkad:
(48 km from Trichur).This festival is jointly celebrated by two villages, Nenmara and Vallangi.

Highlights: Kodiyettam; Kalamezhuthu for 20 days; Assemblage of 30 elephants; Performances of art forms like Kanniyarkali, Panchavadyam, Pandimelam, Karivela, Andi Nayadi. Deities of the temple: Nenmara- Goddess Bhagavathy; Vallangi-Lord Siva. (Apr.03)

April (1stSundayafterEaster): Malayatoor Perunnal, St. Thomas Church, Malayatoor, Ernakulam: The most important place for the Christians of Kerala to celebrate Easter is this shrine. During the Perunnalpilgrims climb a 2000-ft-high hill to reach the church. The ceremonies are held in open air (Every year 1st Sunday after Easter)

April 07: Aatuvela Mahotsavam, Elankavu Temple, Vadayar, Vaikom, Kottayam

Highlights: Arrival of the temple model, which is almost the size of the actual temple, built on two huge artistically decorated canoes. Deity of the temple: Goddess Bhagavathy. (Mar.28-Mar.19)

April 08: Bharani Festival, Sree Kurumba Temple, Kodungalloor:
(50 km from Kochi).This festival attracts the largest congregation of Velichappadus (oracles) from all over Kerala.

Highlights: Cultural programmes; Devotional rites. Deity of the temple: Goddess Bhagavathy. (Mar.29-Mar.20)

April 14: Vishu: The new year in Kerala is celebrated on the first day of the Malayalam month Medam-the day the sun crosses the equator. Vishu is considered to be an auspicious day for new beginnings.

Highlights: Vishu Kani- the auspicious object one first sees after waking up on the Vishu day-which is arranged in an Uruli (bell metal vessel) using raw rice, ripe cucumber, betel leaves, betel nuts, metal mirror, golden yellow Konna flowers, palm leaves and often an idol of Sree Krishna; Vishu Kaineettam: Handsel, usually a silver coin, given to all the younger members and dependents of the family by the elders; Sadya, the traditional feast of Kerala; Special devotional rites and prayers. (Every on Apr.14/15)

April 14-21: Kadamanitta Padayani, Kadamanitta Devi Temple, Pathanamthitta: (6 km from Pathanamthitta).This ten-day festival features Padayani performances on the eighth day, as a ritual offering for Mother Goddess. Deity of the temple: Goddess Bhagavathy. (Every year Apr.14-21)

April 16: Thrissur Pooram, Thekinkadu Maidanam, Thrissur: This is a grand pageant of 30 caparisoned elephants assembled in the precincts of the Vadakumnathan temple. The nearby Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi temples are also participants in the festival.

Highlights: Colourful rituals like Kudamattam; Performances of Chendamelam, Panchavadyam; Spectacular fireworks display. (May.04-Apr.24)

April 19 &November 06: Arattu, Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram: This 10-day-long festival commences with Kodiyettam.The pallivetta (royal hunt) and Arattu processions are held twice a year in this temple. The head of the royal family of the erstwhile Travancore kingdom escorts the idols to the shores of the Arabian Sea, at Shankhumughom.