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Kerala is the finest tourist destination in India. Attracted by domestic and international tourists of all age group Kerala is visited by many throughout the year.  There are few such tourist destinations in the world where travel loving people can come at any time of the year or season and get recharged, revitalized and rejuvenated physically, mentally and spiritually. This is the reason people who have once visited Kerala keep coming back year after year.

No wonder therefore Kerala is called correctly and aptly the God’s own country.

Bluenet Infotech Pvt. Ltd. primarily focus on Kerala loving tourists. The ever growing number of tourists who love to visit Kerala again and again need to be helped with minutest details so that their visits become not only unforgettably memorable but also enriched with inspiring experiences which they will cherish the rest of their lives.

4Yathra.com promoted by Bluenet Infotech Pvt. Ltd. with the sole purpose of helping and assisting the tourists to Kerala has made elaborate arrangements so that the tourists have hassle free holidays. Our preparation includes:-

  • Providing every detail about the various destinations in Kerala. The details which are not available in other travel related portals or books.
  • If the would be visitor has any doubt or query he/she can get in touch with us in advance and get all such queries answered to his/her satisfaction from us
  • Will provide the best economical route map, travel plan, stay arrangement etc if requested
  • Will provide the details about the places depending on the taste and requirements of the visitor. For example if the visitor is a research student then his/her special requirement can be met with. If the visitor is looking for a spiritual solace then we will provide all such information and detail.
  • Since Kerala is gaining importance in health tourism mainly in ayurvedic treatments we will provide all assistance well in advance.

In a nutshell we are proud to announce that we are totally and fully geared and committed to give personalized attention to the visitors keeping in mind their special requirements.

  • We are here to uphold our traditional value and belief system “ADIDHI DEVO BHAVA” which means that GUEST IS TO BE TREATED LIKE GOD.
  • Kerala –the land of Knowledge - the land of Elephants – the land of Vedic Rituals in its pristine purity – the land of Ayurveda – the land of holy Language and finally the land of Ahimsa.

Come to KERALA through 4Yathra.com – experience it, enrich with it, enjoy it and live with it happily the rest of your life.

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